Welcome to AlbIGF


AlbIGF is Albanian on Internet Governance, this is an open, inclusive and informal space for dialogue on Internet governance issues between multistakeholders in Albania

AlbIGF is a National Internet Governance Forum initiative, recognised as such by the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF

Our Intentionall

AlbIGF is aimed to:
- to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of Internet governance among stakeholders in Albania
- to provide an open and transparent platform for all stakeholder groups
- to bring up and discuss the internet governce related issues
- to give the floor to the wide community
- to build or strengthen the capacity of these stakeholders to actively  participate in national, regional and international Internet governance  processes;
- facilitate multistakeholder discussions, exchanges and collaboration on Internet-related   issues that of particular concern for stakeholders in Albania;
- contribute to creating linkages between the Internet governance realities in the region and the pan-European and global Internet governance processes.
AlbIGF is open for all interested internet governance stakeholders:
Civil society
Business sector
Tech community
Academia (including students)